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A moment earlier

Krzysztof Musiał


Size 120 cm x 120 cm x 3 cm

Year: 2018



Style: Abstract, Expressionism

Subject: Person, Abstract


About | Krzysztof Musiał

Krzysztof Musiał -

B. 1972
A graduate of the WSSS in Poznań - 2001. Diploma with distinction from painting with prof. J. Świtki and an annex from wall paintings in the studio of prof. M. Łubowski. In addition, he graduated from the Faculty of Artistic Education at the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznań in 2003. He lives and works as a lecturer in painting at Collegium Da Vinci in Poznań and as a drawing and painting instructor at MDK No. 2 in Poznań. Author of over 70 exhibitions at home and abroad.
BWA Galeria Sanocka – 2017

Centrum „Synagoga” Fundacji Ochrony Dziedzictwa Żydowskiego – Zamość 2015

CzapskiGallery – Poznań 2015

Mazowieckie Centrum Kultury i Sztuki – Galeria Elektor – Warszawa 2011

Galeria Sztuki Współczesnej Platon – Wrocław 2011

Tarnogórskie Centrum Kultury – Galeria Przytick – Tarnowskie Góry 2012

Galeria Warehause – Magazyn Sztuki – Warszawa 2010

BWA – Sandomierz 2010

Galeria Pokusa – Wiesbaden – Niemcy 2008

The Bloxham Galleries – Young Polish Art – Londyn – Anglia 2005

Blue Dog Gallery- Brighton – Anglia 2009

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