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2nd Copenhagen Afterimage

Krzysztof Ludwin


Size 120 cm x 50 cm x 3 cm

Year: 1984

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Medium: Acrylic

Style: Expressionism

Subject: Architecture


About | Krzysztof Ludwin

Krzysztof Ludwin -

B. 1962
Born in Cracow. He studied at University of Technology in Cracow (1981-1987), Faculty of Architecture, and also at Faculty of Industrial Design at Academy fo Fine Arts (1987-1988). From 1995 to 2006 he worked at Faculty of Architecture, Department of Drawing, Painting and Sculpture. In 2002 he published album containing his works, named "Cracow in watercolour". From 2003 to 2004 he taught hand drawing for his Bachelor Degree at Faculty of Industrial Forms at Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow. In 2006 he obtained doctoral thesis, title: "Architectural sketches in watercolor techniques. History and present day". From 2006 Krzysztof Ludwin teaches architectural design as a lecturer at Institute of Architectural Design at the Department of Industrial Design, Faculty of Architecture, University of Technology in Cracow. He is involved in easel painting, specialising in watercolour, he's also involved in architecture design. He is a member of Association of Polish Artists and Designers. Creator and member of Association of Polish Watercolour Painters. In 2011 he published a coursebook "Learning of watercolour painting". Participant of numerous exhibitions and open air paintings.

Individual exhibitions:

1983 – Copenhagen

1985 – Cracow, Floriańska Street, headquarters of SARP

1985 - Copenhagen

1986 – London: Polish Social and Cultural Association

1986 – London: Gallery 202

1989 – France: Lievin, Lens, Amiens – culture centres of Albert Camus

1990 – Cracow: “Strawberry Fields” Gallery

2002 – Cracow: “Nasza Galeria”

2002 – Tarnowskie Góry: Dom Ogrodnika, promotion of “Cracow in watercolour” album with exhibition of paintings included in the album

2003 – Cracow: Gallery of Zosia Weiss Nowina Konopka, promotion of “Cracow in watercolour” album with exhibition of paintings included in the album

2006 – Zakopane, solo exhibition of large format watercolour paintings, Stara Polana Gallery

2006 – September – Theme Woman – 2 Światy Gallery, Józefa Street

2006 – December – Open Air Jaworzynka – Lamelli Gallery, Downtown Culture Center, Mikołajska 2 Street

2006 – December – From briefcase – Styl Gallery, Głogówek, Rynek 2

2007 – December, Bielsko Biała, proArte Gallery, Rynek Główny

2009 – BWA Nowy Sącz, solo cross-sectional exhibition

2010 – Sułkowscy Museum in Bielsko Biała, solo exhibition of watercolour paintings of architectural theme

2010 – Culture Centre of Norwid, Cracow Nowa Huta

2011 – Off Art Gallery, Częstochowa
2011 – Bank of Rennes Gallery

2012 – Mielec, Culture Centre

Group exhibitions:

2004 – Zakopane, group exhibition of works by employees of Department of Drawing Painting and Sculpture of Faculty of Architecture at University of Technology in Cracow
2005 – Brussels, group exhibition by polish watercolour painters

2006 – Seul, participation in exhibition by World Federation of Watercolour Painters

2006 – May – group exhibition after open air event in ZŁOCIEŃ guest house
2006 – August - participation in exhibition by World Federation of Watercolour Painters in Seul
2007 – international open air event in Łańcut, participation in exhibitions: Łańcut, Lwów

2009 – Brioude, participation in international festival of watercolour
2011 - Charenton, Paris, participation as guest of honour, exhibition of Association of French Watercolour Painters

2012 – BWA Olkusz, BWA Nowy Targ – participation in group exhibition of Association of Polish Watercolour Painters

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