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Countes Anastasia U. and her Lovers...

Jacek Lipowczan


Size 55 cm x 75 cm x 3 cm

Year: 2018

$2 280
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Medium: Oil, Board

Style: Surrealism

Subject: Fantasy


About | Jacek Lipowczan

Jacek Lipowczan -

Jack Lipowczan born in 1951, obtained in 1976 his Master Degree in Graphic Design at the prestigious Academy of Fine Art in Cracow.
Jack travelled extensively, living and working as a scene designer, illustrator, and Art Director in different European countries and in Australia.
He finally settled in Germany. His art profits from his life experience and in reality resist classification. He refers to his style as visionary surrealistic-realism.
J.L, a man of considerable intellectual curiosity,very widely read, avidly interested in history and contemporary life, seeks inspiration for his paintings in the worlds of philosophy, ancient cultures, mythology and literature but his work reflects the contemporary.
His paintings are full of fantasy and allegories and there are many apparently different stories in each painting, alike was the manner of medieval icon painters, and only all themes together form a complete artistic statement.
In his technique he “analyses the old masters”, the composition of paintings and colour,the way they depicted nature, emotions, and light and what techniques they used toachieve the desired effect. Jack does not imitate them but uses the same technique of painting in oils and glaze that demands a profound professionalism, time, perfection and patience.
He exhibited in U.K., Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Danmark, France, Poland and USA.
Miejska Galeria Sztuki, "Magical Dreams", Kolobrzeg, January, Poland
Galeria Sztuki Wspolczesnej, "Magical Dreams", Wloclawek, February, Poland
Beskidzka Galeria Sztuki, "Jolanda Richter & Jacek Lipowczan"
April/May, Szczyrk, Poland
NovaBelgica Art Gallery, "The Light Fantastic Exhibition", Sint-Truiden, May-Juni, Belgium
Spiegel Gallery, Minden, Mai, Germany
Beskidzka Galeria Sztuki, "Magical Dreams", Szczyrk, September-October, Poland
Salon d´A utomne, Paris, October, France
Art Fair, Bremen, November, Germany
SD Gallery Wilanow, Warsaw, December, Poland ... SOLO
Akum Gallery, Wien, January-February, Austria
Museum "Cascina Farsetti", Rom, March, Italy
Fantasmus Gallery, - Easter Exhibition -, Saeby, April, Denmark
La Galleria Pall Mall, London, April, UK
Museum "Cascina Farsetti", Natale di Roma Exhibition, Rom, April, Italy
Salon d`Automne, Paris, November, France
Hilleroed Library, Copenhagen, December/January, Denmark
Akum Gallery, Wien, December/January, Austria
Claus Brusen Gallery "Fantasmus", Saeby, April, Denmark
Claus Brusen Gallery "Dante`s Divine Comedy Exhibition", Saeby, July, Denmark
Alt-Rathaus Gallery, "Dante`s Divine Comedy", Viechtach, August-.September, Germany
BP Gallery, Warszawa, September-October, Poland ... SOLO
Akum Gallery, Wien, November, Austria ... SOLO
SD Gallery Wilanow, Warsaw, December, Poland ... SOLO

2008 - Salon d`Automne, Paris, October, France
2008 - Gallery SD Wilanow, Warszawa, September, Poland ... SOLO
2008 - Gallery SD Panorama, Warszawa, October, Poland
2008 – Claus Brusen Gallery "Fantasmus", Saeby, July-August, Denmark
2007 - Triada Gallery, Gdansk, October, Poland ... SOLO
2007 - Tamka Gallery, Warszawa, December, Poland SOLO
2007 - Rathaus Stuttgart Gallery, Exhibition "Europa 50 Plus", Juli, Germany
2007 - Mall Galleries, Open Exhibition of the Society for Art of Imagination, April, UK
2007 – Kunstmesse-Salzburg, "One man show", Salzburg, November, Austria ... SOLO
2007 - Inter Art Gallery, "Doors to Perception Exhibition", New York, Chelsea, April-Mai
2007 - Art Domain Gallery, Leipzig, Mai – June, Germany
2006 - Museum Giger, Gruyere, June-October, Switzerland
2006 - Mall Galleries, Annual Exhibition of the Royal Academy of Oil Painters, London, UK
2005 - Raw Arts Festival at the Candid Arts Trust Gallery, London, Mai, UK
2005 - Obsidian Art Gallery, Stoke Mandeville, April, UK
2005 - Laudersdale House, London, Mai, UK
2005 - Frankfurt/Neu Isenburg, September – December, Germany
1981 – BWA Katowice, Poland
1980 - Gallery ZPAP, Katowice, Poland
1979 - Gallery BWA, Katowice, Poland
1978 - Town Gallery, Chorzow, Poland
1978 - Gallery ZPAP, Katowice, Poland
1978 - Gallery in Town Hall, Sosnowiec, Poland

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