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Urban impression II

Andrzej Fronczak


Size 70 cm x 100 cm x 3 cm

Year: 2018

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Medium: Acrylic, Oil on canvas

Style: Expressionism

Subject: Architecture


About | Andrzej Fronczak

Andrzej Fronczak -

He specialises in easel painting and drawing. Andrzej is a member of the Association of Polish Artists (District of Warsaw). In 2009 he was awarded the President of Wloclawek Prize in the area of culture and later, in 2012, received an honourable mention. In 2010 Andrzej was awarded The Silver Cross of Merit for Social and Cultural Activities.

His work has been exhibited in Poland, Germany, Denmark, Netherlands, Serbia, Italy, Ukraine and Slovakia. EXHIBITIONS: His work has been shown at 39 individual exhibitions in various Polish cities, including Luban Slaski, Koszalin, Slupsk, Wloclawek, Ciechocinek, Warszawa, and Torun as well as various Polish centres in Chicago, Detroit and Paris.

Andrzej has participated in 30 regional, nationwide and international open-air painting workshops and has taken part in over 80 collective exhibitions and competitions including 9 at international level. COLLECTIONS: His paintings are located in museum collections, state institutions, galleries, and private collections both in Poland and abroad. Andrzej Franczak's works are listed in various auction houses.

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