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Born in 1987 in Warsaw, Poland. She was studying Philosophy for several years, but art has always been her biggest passion.
She love the atmosphere of unease and dread. That’s how I perceive the world around her.She’s trying to convey this mood through art. Technical ability is of great importance for her, she admire the Old Masters not only for their technical brilliance, but also for the elegance and emotional moderation of their paintings. In her own paintings she’s trying to achieve some kind of undefined feeling of anxiety by choosing appropriate models and locations, and by means of composition and lighting.
Her favourite painters are Munch and Klimt. Among modern artists she likes Lucien Freud. In general, every disturbing and apocalyptic piece of art can be my source of inspiration but it’s Richard Wagner’s music and H.P. Lovecraft’s cosmic horror that inspires me the most.

• 2015 – Fear has big eyes, Coffee Karma, Warsaw;
• 2016 – group exhibition Happiness despite suffering, GUIDO Historic Coal Mine, Zabrze;
• 2017 – Nightmares and Phantasms, DOROŻKARNIA Cultural Center, Warsaw.

Artworks | Maria Danielak

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