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Painter, movie director and a screenwriter. Born in 1981 in Cracow. The Graduate of University of Technology in Cracow (Faculty of Architecture) and School of Film and Visual Communication in Cracow (Faculty of Direction). He’s involved into oil and watercolour painting, in which landscape plays a dominant role. His works can be found in private and public collections in Poland and abroad (France, Sweden, Austria, Italy, Germany, China, Canada, USA). Laureate of numerous awards and distinctions on independent cinema festivals. The author of exhibitions in Poland and China.

Individual exhibitions:

1999 Galeria Atelier, Kraków
2000 Galeria Atelier, Kraków
2002 Galeria Kawiarnia Inkwizytor, Kraków
2003 Myślenicki Ośrodek Kultury, Myślenice
2003 Galeria Kanonicza 1, Kraków
2005 Królewski Zamek w Niepołomicach
2006 Królewski Zamek w Niepołomicach
2007 Galeria Kocioł Artystyczny, Kraków
2008 Galeria Atelier, Kraków
2009 Kawiarnia Młynek, Brzesko
2009 Galeria Faust, Kraków
2009 Galeria Kotłownia, Kraków
2010 Galeria Rękawka, Kraków
2011 Galeria Cafe Philo, Kraków
2011 Galeria Jasielskiego Domu Kultury, Jasło
2012 Galeria Atelier, Kraków
2014 Galeria Zajazd Kościuszkowski, Kraków
2014 Galeria Rio, Kraków
2016 Urząd Miasta Krakowa, Kraków
2017 Galeria Wieża Sztuki, Kielce
2017 Galeria Atelier, Kraków
2017 Galeria Maya, Toruń
2017 Gazeta Wyborcza, Warszawa
2018 Galeria Floriańska 22, Kraków


2010 Aniołek
2011 Czwarty grzech

Artworks | Konrad Hamada

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